Lesson 2: Created to Worship

December 21, 2012 // Biblical

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1. Was the handout impactful and engaging to your family?

2. Were the lesson’s points communicated well through the activities and Bible focus in a way your children could understand?

3. Are there significant ways we can improve on the ideas communicated in this lesson?


  1. The kids liked hearing what their names meant. For one of our sons, his name meant “bald”. Not too exciting so we told him about the man he was named after. It will make a huge impact for us to speak these things over them as they grow up.

  2. we named our kids by the story in the Bible and for the names.. so it was fun to talk about what each of our names mean again!
    like the “thankful journal” we will be starting that today for sure! good habit to get into!
    what i’m doing after we read is i have a Special journal that I want them to draw out what they are learning.. I just put on soft music and usually go thru 3-4 songs.. if they get done early they can lay on the floor with their eyes closed.. practicing being silent before God!

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