Lesson 1: Blessed to be a Blessing

December 21, 2012 // Biblical

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1. Was the handout impactful and engaging to your family?

2. Were the lesson’s points communicated well through the activities and Bible focus in a way your children could understand?

3. Are there significant ways we can improve on the ideas communicated in this lesson?


  1. I loved the “Experience it” challenge! We decided to use our blessings of food and time to bless someone else. The kids chose to bless our childrens pastor by sharing our favorite meal with her family. She doesn’t need food from us but what she does need is time. She really appreciated it!

  2. we are meeting new refugees in our city- so the kids wanted to bless them with food, clothes etc! so we met them for the first time last night and plan on getting them hooked up with all sorts of things they are needing practically!

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